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How to Avoid Cold-Call Pitfalls and Increase Close Rates

Many agents start their careers with a phone and an empty desk—smiling and dialing their way through a list of cold-call contacts.

3 Digital Marketing Tactics to Maximize Open Enrollment for Insurance Agencies

Open enrollment is the most hectic time of the year for health insurance agents. So how does one cut through the noise and efficiently market their brand to shore up sales during this period? Below are three digital marketing tactics aimed at reaching more prospective clients and increasing your sales throughout open enrollment and beyond.

The Healthcare Exodus - Are You Ready?

In April, UnitedHealthcare announced its plan to exit 26 of its 34 healthcare exchanges beginning in 2017. To many, this didn’t come as a surprise, as the insurer had been warning since late last year that the exchanges were a risky investment. (To date, Aetna, the nation’s third-largest health insurance provider, Humana, the fifth largest health insurance company in the U.S., and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina have also pulled subsidized health plans from select states—citing financial losses as the primary driver.)

5 Tips to Increase Lead Conversion for Insurance Agencies

Efficiency drives business. Without a system in place that allows and nurtures efficiency, a business is going to spend excess time on tasks that should be routinely, or in some cases, automatically done. A system that is inefficient is also a system that results in a loss of opportunity in sales and unnecessary operating expense.

Outbound Lead Management and Dialer Strategies for Insurance Agencies

Efficient management of leads, whether inbound or outbound, is key to maximizing your agency’s multi-channel distribution model. In part one of the series, we discussed inbound leads and team member profiles. Here, we dive into effective lead management and outbound (dialer) strategies to help your agency maximize close rates.

AgentCubed Enhances Solution through Integration with IVAN’S Download

Partnership enhances benefits of AgentCubed Software Solution

AgentCubed Announces Integration with Quotit®

Partnership Will Allow AgentCubed Users to Easily Quote Individual and Medicare Products

AgentCubed Announces Integration With CSG Actuarial

Integration Will Allow AgentCubed Users to Easily Quote Medicare Products

AgentCubed Announces Partnership With BenefitMall

AgentCubed now providing several enhancements to the individual quoting engine, Individual Exchange.

Insurance Agency Roles and Workflows for Lead Management

The importance of technology platforms is ever-increasing in necessity among insurance agencies. More often than not, we see agencies using multiple platforms to manage their leads, quoting, enrollment and customer management which significantly impacts efficiency. In part one of our series on maximizing multi-channel distribution, we discuss agency roles, how these roles enhance the sales process, and why an all-in-one agency platform optimizes sales.

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